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Dhe Puttu is Different, We prove it Daily
November 12, 2013

Even when there are plenty of other restaurants in the city, Dhe Puttu managed to create a unique impression among the kochites. There are few factors that is playing big role behind this uniqueness. The type of food is also the most amazing factor. Puttu is a traditional food we all have great attachment from childhood. By specializing in this particular food category, we are making it clear that we are experts in creating different tastes in this particular category. The variety of Puttu we have served so far itself is a good proof for how good we are in making this venture different.

When the superb ambience and efficient staff join with this variety of food and taste things get really brilliant. And thats the secret behind our success. We are searching for new tastes and are much interested in presenting to our customers. Anyone who is a regular visitor of the place can sense this improvement we have achieved right from the beginning to the current time.