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Puttu Puranam

The Tale behind Tradition and Evolution of Puttu

Puttu, The Many Ways

The basic process of making Puttu is by passing steam through the layers of rice flour mix and grated coconut. It can be achieved thorough different methods. The traditional method is using coconut shell (Chiratta Puttu). Nowadays, ready to use metallic materials that resemble the coconut shell, are available to bring the taste of tradition onto the platter.

Along with these revisions on the original coconut shell, idli pans are also used to make Puttu, since they let steam pass through the layers; with the help of tiny holes in the pan. In the quick pace of life, pressure cookers are also used, to save time. Save time for what? Definitely to taste the steaming piece of soft, yummy Puttu, before stepping out!

Puttu, Combinations Unlimited

Purists, say that Puttu has to be served with Kadala Curry. It goes well with a host of items; say papad, sugar, coconut milk, chicken curry, payar and so on. The combinations are unlimited. Given, the ingenuity of cooks and consumers, there is always scope for exciting culinary experiments. The Puttu, shall no more come with accompaniments. It is whole in itself! Most nutritious and so complete!

Puttu, The Traditional Way

Traditional Kerala Puttu is made of coarsely ground rice mixed with water and a pinch of salt. The usual practice is to fill the Puttu Kutti; which is a cylinder made of bamboo or metal, with a layered filling of moist rice flour mix and grated coconut. The Puttu Kutti is then placed over the Puttu Kudam; that is an earthen or metal pot filled with water.

When the fire is set and the water boils, the rising steam cooks the layers inside the Puttu Kutti. In less than five minutes you are ready to experience The Puttu, filling your heart and soul with the richness and taste of tradition.

Puttu, The Evolution

Puttu is one among the traditional dishes of Kerala, Tamilnadu, Sri Lanka and some parts of South East Asia. It has graduated from a choice on the breakfast menu, in Kerala, to a round-the-clock favourite. Generations have witnessed creative cooks who have placed their mark of trials on Puttu varieties; and today Puttu owns popularity and a tag for itself.

Puttu can be made using a variety of ingredients like red rice flour, wheat flour, ragi, oats, couscous, bread crumbs and many others. The grated coconut also can be revised with curries, fruits, tubers and alike. End of the process, all that goes into the Puttu Kutti, comes out with the Puttu!